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Teaching Background & Resources

Courses I teach at the University of Indianapolis:

  • SCI 101: This course for preservice elementary educators focuses on building skills with the Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs) specified in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  It gives future educators a strong foundation in understanding how science works in multiple facets: in the professional scientific community, in society, and in the elementary classroom.

  • CHEM/PHYS 100: This is an integrated physical science course that has been collaboratively re-developed with my UIndy colleagues Lori Bolyard, Stacy Hootman, and Brian Vermillion to specifically address the K-8 NSTA/ASTE Standards for Science Teacher Preparation.  

  • PHYS 150: Algebra-based introductory physics course (dynamics)

  • PHYS 153: Calculus-based introductory physics course (dynamics)

  • ESCI 207: Introductory astronomy course, including observational, stellar/galactic, and solar system astronomy.

Courses I have taught elsewhere:

  • Introductory physics & astronomy labs at the University of Kansas

  • Introductory astronomy courses at Washburn University

  • Online lecture & lab courses in introductory astronomy and physical science for Neosho County Community College

  • History of science survey course at Indiana University

  • Oral communication lab sections (public speaking practicum) at Indiana University

  • History and Philosophy of Extraterrestrial Life (undergraduate special topics course) at Indiana University

Some Recommended Teaching Resources:

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